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The purchase of our solar systems brings maximum savings

Up to 90 % savings by making your own power

With the purchase of roofINVEST, energy-intensive companies save up to 90 percent on their electricity costs. The tailor-made, roof-mounted solar system for the customer's own energy needs includes a service package with innovative services. RoofINVEST is the intelligent solution for saving energy costs.


You can save up to 90 percent on your electricity costs with a solar system on your roof. This protects you against rising, inflationary electricity prices and provides more security for planning business decisions.

These are our services provided for you:

  • Delivery of a turnkey photo-voltaic system including commissioning and monitoring
  • Use of only first-class components
  • Timely installation of a high-quality roof system
  • Experienced construction supervision
  • Basic training for the PV system and for monitoring
  • Detailed documentation according to DIN EN 62446


Because every company has its own energy profile, we optimize the photo-voltaic system for your needs. We see ourselves as energy consultants that bring out the maximum for you regarding performance and cost efficiency. We all relevant interfaces of your internal production processes take into account and optimize your solar system with a view to the entire energy chain. With us as a solar company, you are approaching sunny times.

Details of our services:

  • Analysis of yield potential in advance, free of charge and without obligation
  • Precise analysis of your production processes
  • Tailored and optimized for your energy chain
  • Variable and scalable size of your photo-voltaic system
  • Support for energy marketing


Your solar roof will pay itself off in no time. After only a few years, your capital expenditure for photo-voltaics will turn into an attractive investment. After only five years RoofINVEST already pays off more than the interest banks offer today. With RoofINVEST your commitment to solar energy pays for itself in within a few years. With your own photo-voltaic system you are quickly in the green zone and your investment is in the black. And the good conscience is free.

Decide for a secure and solid investment:

  • Significantly higher revenues than with traditional capital investments
  • No price fluctuations compared to the stock market
  • Additional profits fueled by the current low interest rate
  • Full transparency with no additional hidden costs
  • Various financing models possible


Our guaranteed energy yield offers you up to 20 years of secure energy. For you this means: The energy performance agreed upon between you and S.A.G is always valid. That's something you can rely on. Your goal is our goal: a trouble-free, optimally configured system with maximum performance.

And this is how it's done: 

We calculate the expected power yield for the entire term taking all relevant factors into account. This calculation represents the performance of the photo-voltaic system over the entire term and forms the basis of the contract.

Now it only depends on the weather ...

For a 100 kW PV system we guarantee the calculated energy yield of 96,800 kWh / year. Only two factors can reduce the yield:

  • The difference between the annual solar irradiation in the previous year and the long-term average solar irradiance of 1,116 kWh / m²
  • A natural aging (degradation) of 0.5% / year

Our power yield guarantee is supported by a bonus/penalty agreement.

More Information:


We handle everything: from the turnkey plant to all aspects of operation and maintenance. To ensure that you do not experience any unpleasant surprises, we digitally monitor the system around the clock and resolve any malfunctions with no additional costs to you. We watch your back so you can be completely secure.


This strong service package includes:

  • Professional plant monitoring and technical operation management
  • Regular maintenance and servicing (reactive and proactive) according to DIN EN 62446
  • All repairs, replacement parts and cleaning
  • All risks, operational liability and operational interruption insurances
  • Validation of invoices and credit notes of third parties
  • Contract management for all relevant contracts
  • Claim management against suppliers and insurance companies
  • Monthly and annual reports on performance tracking


We will tell you whether the roof of your industrial building is suitable for a photo-voltaic system and how much electricity you can save. This service is free of charge and without obligation.

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