The profitable, safe, simple solar power systems

A good facility in all respects

Electricity prices are at record levels and there's no end in sight. This is a real challenge for energy-intensive companies. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly difficult for such companies to earn interest from the banks on their money.

roofINVEST offers a solution here

With your own photo-voltaic system on the roof of your industrial building you will become independent of electricity from public networks. In addition, your photo-voltaic system will amortize itself after a few years and will even yield a return.

RoofINVEST is always a good investment. Whether you want to leverage the deal with a small down payment to avoid tying up too much capital, or you choose to buy the system in order to save even more on electricity costs, you decide.

In addition, we offer you a 20-year guarantee on the power yield, no matter what happens, and full service at a flat rate, which protects you against additional costs. And
here is the free potential analysis. That way you can know within a few hours whether your roof is suitable for a solar installation.

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