Our Offer

Our Offer

Innovative solar solutions

Always one step ahead

In our company history, awareness of quality and the spirit of innovation have always been meaningfully complemented and advanced. S.A.G. Solar regularly utilizes its know-how to set new standards in the solar sector.


As pioneers in renewable energy we have pooled our unique industry experience to develop the innovative product roofINVEST.
RoofINVEST is aimed at energy-intensive companies that want to escape the spiral of rising electricity costs and dependence on the public network.

roofINVEST is characterized by the fact that it has extremely reduced the financial hurdles for entry into the solar industry. Various financing models allow every company's budget to be sufficient to successfully invest into the production of solar power for its own needs.

In addition, roofINVEST offers a 20-year yield guarantee, which is unmatched in the solar industry market. And the flat rate, full service program relieves you of the entire burden (stress) of operating the system. It protects you from any surprises, including financial ones.

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Asset Management

We love challenges and therefore S.A.G. focuses on optimizing assets in the solar sector. That way we utilize the multidisciplinary expertise of our experienced experts.

Whether it is technical or commercial management, classic asset management or related services - we are there for you if your solar system is under-performing. We offer individual and innovative services to increase the value of your assets. From total control down to contract and service management. Learn more about Asset Management

Shunfeng International Clean Energy Group

Through our membership in the Shunfeng International Clean Energy Group, we have been able to expand our field of activity in the last few years and build on our sphere of influence.